Can I connect my OTBeat to the Apple Watch?

Yes! The Apple Watch reads heart rate via light while chest strap monitors read your pulse via electrical signals - this means that you may get some heart rate variability between tracking with Orange Zones and OTbeat. 

While Orange Zones cannot display in an OTF studio, you can connect your OTF heart rate monitor to your Apple Watch to ensure your heart rate data is coming from one source and therefore your studio display and Orange Zones display will always match. 

Follow the steps below to connect your OTF device to your Apple Watch:

Step 1: Open the Control Center on your Apple Watch

Swipe up from the bottom of the watch.

Step 2: Click the Bluetooth output icon

Step 3: Click 'Connect a Device'

(Note: Please do this step at home. If you do it in the studio, it's possible you could accidentally click on someone else's device.)

Step 4: Select your device to connect it!

Note: If you do not see your device, scroll down on the 'Connect a Device' page to make sure Bluetooth is turned on.

Note: You can also access the Bluetooth connection page by opening the Settings app on your Apple Watch & clicking 'Bluetooth'. 


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