How do I delete and reinstall the app?

If you have the watch app + phone app, please start with step 1. However, if you do not have the phone app you can just skip to step 4!

(screenshots below)

Step 1: Find the app on your phone

Step 2: Hard press on the app until you see 'Rearrange Apps'

Step 3: Click 'Rearrange Apps' and then click the 'x' button to delete the app.
NOTE: We recommend selecting 'Save Health Data' when prompted.


Step 4: Find the app on your Apple Watch

Step 5: Swipe until you see the delete button then press delete

(hard press on icon in 'grid mode' to switch to 'list mode')

Step 6: Open 'Settings' on your iPhone

Step 7: Click on your Apple ID at the top

Step 8: Click 'Password & Security'

Step 9: Tap 'Apps Using Your Apple ID'

Step 10: Find the app then swipe to delete!


Go to the app store on your iPhone and download the app again! If the app does not appear on your Watch after redownloading please confirm you're running Watch OS 6.1 then follow these steps.

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