Where is my data stored?

Two Apple technologies are used to store and secure your data, CloudKit and the Health app. Both CloudKit and the Health app store data encrypted and only you can see and access to your data. No apps or accessories are able to read or write data to the Health app without your explicit permission. In our apps, you are always in control of your data and it is always private to you. Hundreds of millions of Apple device users rely on CloudKit to power Apple apps such as Photos, iCloud Drive, Notes, News, and Safari. In short, the Workout Companion apps are powered by the same back-end that you know and trust from using other Apple services.

Do you sell my data?

Absolutely not. Simply put, we never sell or share your data with anyone. We take your privacy very seriously and manage your privacy diligently. We use industry best practices to ensure your data stays private to you and you are always in control of that data. Rest assured, we NEVER sell or share your data with 3rd parties. For more detailed information about our privacy policies and practices, please refer to our Privacy Policy at

Why do you use Sign In with Apple ID?

'Sign in with Apple' is a fast, easy, and very secure way to provide access to apps like ours. It leverages the same privacy and protections that Apple uses to secure your Apple products and services. We think the social media companies already know too much about our lives and we're all for ways to better protecting our personal privacy. 'Sign in with Apple' provides a high degress of secure, protection, and privacy for users which is why we are big fans of it. Instead of using a social media account, or filling out forms and having to remember yet another new password, just tap the 'Sign in with Apple' button, review your information, and sign in quickly and securely with Face ID, Touch ID, or your device passcode. 'Sign in with Apple' also allows you to hide your real email during the sign in process offering even more control over communications with you. You can read more about this on Apple's website:

Do you need to know my Apple ID password?

You should know your Apple ID password for security reasons, however you should never share your Apple ID password with anyone. We never see or otherwise need to know your Apple ID password to use 'Sign in with Apple'. 'Sign in with Apple' communications with our app to authenticate you quickly and securely using Face ID, Touch ID, or your device password. These systems are used by Apple to authenticate you on your device and then Apple let's our app know that you are legit and we can log you in. Everything related to your Apple ID is always managed by Apple.

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